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"They told me: the Russians attacked us with gas, and you - the next victim." Fugitive Russian businessman Sergei Kapchuk fears for his life

"They told me: the Russians attacked us with gas, and you - the next victim." Fugitive Russian businessman Sergei Kapchuk fears for his life

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The businessman from London suspects - against him the provocation of the British special services is being prepared. His pursuit is unknown, bank accounts frozen. Fearing for his life, he had already fled the UK. Exclusive interview of "KP"

Late in the evening, on Wednesday 21 March, I received a message in WhatsApp. It started as spam: "This is important, please read." But the fact that the addressee addressed me by name, and the number started with the code of the UK, made me finish reading.

"... The poisoning of Skripal ... I'm the next victim ... left the country ... a provocation is being prepared" - all this would look like the ravings of a madman. If not for one "but". I suddenly realized that I knew the sender - it was Sergei Kapchuk. A fluent Russian businessman who lives in London. A month and a half ago he was included in the so-called "list of Titov" - a list of emigrant entrepreneurs against whom criminal cases have been opened in Russia, but they all would like to return to their homeland. Then I talked with him on the phone - at Kapchuk everything was fine, and he did not particularly rush back. Obviously, something has changed.

"KP" leads the decoding of the conversation with Sergey Kapchuk.

- Sergey, are you all right? Let's go on the shelves, what happened?

- Last week, when it became known about the death of Nikolai Glushkov in London (former top manager of Aeroflot, a friend of Boris Berezovsky - approx. Aut.) the British media came to me. I was called by journalists from different newspapers and TV channels, they all wanted to record an interview with me. Because Glushkov is the number one list of "the most vicious enemies of Russia", published on the website of the Russian embassy in the UK. I too am on this list.

Last week, it became known about the death of Nikolai Glushkov in London

- Wait, what is this list?

- On the embassy's website, long ago, a list of wanted persons hiding from Russian justice in the UK was posted. Glushkov was in the first place, I'm on 12. I corresponded with the Russian embassy for a long time. He said that my profile was deleted by Interpol a year and a half or two ago. My persecution is political, and I'm not a criminal. And even the money that I allegedly stole - firstly, I have no relation to this, and secondly, they were returned. I do not have any debts. Nevertheless, despite all my arguments, the embassy refused to exclude me from this list.

- Well, you are on this list. Why did this stir British journalists?

- 15 March, the camera crew of the SkyTv channel arrived. The journalists told me: "We have information that you are Russia's next victim." An agreeable girl negotiated with me about the interview, and a concrete "counterintelligence officer" arrived (he made the impression of a counter-intelligence under cover - Ed.). We did not have an interview with him, but rather an interrogation.

- What were you asked about?

- He immediately began to ask me questions on the forehead: "Do you know what happened? The Russians attacked us with gas. Now they killed Glushkov, you understand that you are next. How do you feel about this? ". Then he turned on the camera and said: "Choose with whom you are with Russia or with the UK?". I was asked to record a video message to Vladimir Putin and to Russia that I am against them. I said that I do not do politics for 15 for years, and do not involve me in it. Russia is my Motherland, and I have no complaints about this country. He literally tried to pull something out of me with mites, but I declined to comment on it. He got angry, was upset, and left. The interview came out, but there (on the TV screen - Ed.) only my bodyguards came and the words that I publicly defend myself against a possible attack.

The next day all the British newspapers published my photo, and next to it - a picture of Putin. They wrote that I was his worst enemy, his main critic. And I'm on this list, published on the embassy's website. And here, in the British press, he is called Putin's hit list - Putin's "shooting list". All this was very similar to some kind of planned campaign. What their next step, I could only guess. I understood that I am not interested in anything either by the FSB or by Russian intelligence. But in my opinion, British special services can arrange some kind of provocation. So I did not wait for anything, but just collected my things and immediately left the country. Now I'm in continental Europe.

Sergei Kapchuk - a former deputy of the Sverdlovsk Legislative Assembly. Accused of fraud with state property

- Let's clarify again the reason for your departure: did you understand that your life is in danger from the British special services?

- In my opinion, yes. There is some kind of game. I did not read the rules, I do not know the producer. And to be a pawn and a bargaining chip, I do not have the slightest desire. I cut off all the ends, but the press continued to write about me even when I left. Then I decided nevertheless to get in touch to refute the lies that the British media are spreading.

I contacted the popular morning show "Good Morning, Britain". We recorded interviews with them on skype, there are witnesses. There I clearly stated that it was not necessary to make me an enemy of Russia, Putin's enemy. They asked questions about the poisoning of Skrypal. I replied that it is profitable for this poisoning to date only to the British government led by Theresa May. It raised its rating, they diverted the people from domestic economic problems associated with the withdrawal from the European Union. Plus, there are a lot of arguments why Russia could not do this. I explained that we should not rush to conclusions - we must wait for official conclusions. As a result, my interview did not even air. I realized that I will not be able to express my position in the British media, so I turned to you.

- You wrote to me that you started some financial problems because of this?

- Yesterday all bank cards stopped working for me. I called the bank, I was told that everything should work. Then they called back and in a changed voice informed me that I needed to return to London, come to the bank and settle this problem personally. My representatives were in this bank today, but there they stated that they would not accept people by proxy. In fact they have frozen my accounts and are trying to force me to come.

- Will you come?

- In the near future, no. I'm not at all sure of my safety in London. My life is more expensive than any money.

- Sergey, you said that in London you had bodyguards, even before all this hype around you in the press. Why did you hire them then?

- After the death of Glushkov, journalists immediately started to call and write to me. They told me directly that I was the next. And when to you such speak, you or absolutely the idiot, or somehow should react. So I hired security.

"So who were you afraid of at first?" Russian special services? British?

"I hired bodyguards when I did not understand what was going on around me. But gradually, analyzing all the information and internal sensations, I realized that I do not represent an interest for Russian special services. And there is no need to deal with me, to arrange some scandal, casting a shadow on Russia, they do not. But such interest can be from other special services, I will not name any. And their goal in defaming Putin and demonizing his image, which is now very active in the Western press.

- Have you thought about returning to Russia? Maybe they contacted the business ombudsman Boris Titov - he promised to help Russian entrepreneurs return to their homeland, close your criminal cases.

- Yes, I contacted Titov today. He is aware of this situation. He told me that all my documents are at work. Frankly speaking, in today's situation, I would feel more secure in Russia.

- How are your colleagues, Russian businessmen in London? Do they have the same concerns as you?

"I can not say that I called all at once and asked who was doing. But my friends told me that, like, Chichvarkin (Evgeny Chichvarkin, emigrant, former owner of Euroset - approx. Aut.) is going to leave for America. Because the atmosphere around the Russian business is very negative. I can assume that everyone who is on the list from the embassy's website has already left London. If they are friends with the head, of course.

As for me, I would like to find understanding in my homeland. I hope that, at least in this situation, the Motherland will intervene and will be on my side. You know, when it's bad, we always go back to our parents - so it's here. I am still a Russian citizen, I have never made unfounded sweeping statements against my country - I did not allow it and will not allow it. Actually, I would like to count on some kind of reciprocity.


Sergey Kapchuk - a former deputy of the Sverdlovsk Legislative Assembly. He is accused of fraud with state property. According to the investigation, Kapchuk bought the 3 office apartment bought for 2 billion rubles not for the representation of the Sverdlovsk region, but for the former spouse. Then he left the post of deputy, sold the apartment, and spent money on his own needs. In 2005, the court passed a resolution on his absentee arrest. Kapchuk's twin brother Constantine also passed the accused in this case and was convicted at 5 years, Sergei managed to escape. In 2006, Sergei Kapchuk was put on the wanted list - he fled first to Cyprus, then to the United Arab Emirates, and finally settled in London. Britain gave him political asylum and a different surname - now Kapchuk bears the name Windsor. In London, he is engaged in real estate business - renting out apartments.

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