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Years of Church Council format will make it pan-Orthodox

Carrying cathedrals local Orthodox churches on a regular basis will facilitate the discussion of the most pressing problems in world Orthodoxy, including the situation of the Church in Ukraine, and the meeting in this format will be a real Pan-Orthodox Council, RIA Novosti said the head of the Center for the Study of Religion and Society, Institute of Europe Russian Academy of Sciences, Roman Lunkin.

Today it became known that at the cathedral of a number of local churches in Crete, the idea was to hold such meetings regularly. The fact is that originally the meeting in Crete was conceived as an all-Orthodox cathedral. But shortly before it began, four (from 14) local churches - Russian (most numerous), Georgian, Antioch and Bulgarian - refused to participate in it because of a number of problems regarding the preparation of the event. Despite this, the Patriarchate of Constantinople, who initiated the cathedral, holds the cathedral on time, although the Russian Church has repeatedly stated that without the participation of at least one church, it can not have an all-Orthodox status and its decisions are not generally binding.

"This corresponds to an ancient tradition, when churches could continue for a long time, and for several years, and even with interruptions, for several decades. I think it will be called Pan-Orthodox Council in fact, no matter how many years did not continue. If this format is, all will still be open to all the church first as observers -. something will agree with something does not agree in the Orthodox environment, even it does not matter whether or not full agreement about documents The key is that local churches would make of the debate... The process itself, "- said Lunkin.

The expert called the idea sounded in Crete "to prolong the discussion" in order to attract those who refused to participate in the current church meeting in order to hold the discussion "on a wider range of issues." At such meetings, in his opinion, "the most acute problems will be raised," which will lead to a discussion of the granting of autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church. Currently, according to Lunkin, the Patriarchate of Constantinople "is trying to be cautious about this problem, so as not to spoil relations with the Moscow Patriarchate." In addition, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, recognized by world Orthodoxy, "does not ask for complete independence"

A source: RIA News

Author: RIA News

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