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Mogerini presented in Strasbourg, the European Union strategy for Syria

The European Commission and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini on Tuesday adopted a joint document, which proposes a long-term strategy of the European Union to Syria.

"I then offered it (the document - IF) in April, the EU's Foreign Affairs Council, and it will lay the foundation of our work in the future to support Syria and the future of this country he will also prepare an international conference (on the future of Syria - IF)., Which the European Union will take 5 April in Brussels ", - said the head of EU diplomacy, presenting the strategy at a press conference in Strasbourg.

In a joint document contains a proposal on how the European Union to play a more significant role in helping to achieve a lasting political solution in Syria in accordance with existing agreements, the UN agreed.

It also addresses the issue of how the EU can continue to assist more than 13 million needy in Syria, promote stability in the country, to support the recovery of the peace agreement and a voluntary, dignified and safe return of refugees and internally displaced persons in achieving a reliable political transition.

Presented in Strasbourg proposal provides that the European Union's involvement in Syria, "goes beyond the current state of affairs." It "is defined long-term perspective in support of EU policy objectives in relation to Syria," which focused on the fact that "the Syrian people deserve a united, democratic, diverse, comprehensive and territorial integrity."

"A stable, strong and safe, Syria will be restored subject to the achievement of a political settlement in accordance with Security Council resolution 2254 the UN Security Council and the Geneva communique," - emphasized in the European Union.

"Too often, the international community has not sufficiently prepare the post-conflict period is too often sought the agreement not being truly ready for international assistance immediately and is often seen very serious consequences..", - He stated Mogherini.

"This time we want to be really ready, we want to coordinate the work, and we wish to have a vision more appealing in the future, and to act in such a way that the various stakeholders can reach a compromise with the aim to come to a transitional period without collision. This applies to Syria , Syrians, but also the whole region, especially the neighboring countries ", - said the head of European diplomacy.

"And we will continue to work hand in hand, as we already do with these various partners, with countries that accept Syrian refugees -. Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, but we also wish to act in such a way as to promote to the world", - he explained Mogherini.

According to her, you can find a number of common positions, to coordinate actions with different partners at the international level to contribute to this process.

"The European Union is perfectly suited for this role, both in terms of humanitarian and political We -. Trustworthy and credible player on the ground, and we are working together and on equal terms with all regional partners," - said Mogherini.

She believes that the perceived "as a partner, who came to help the country," the EU Syria.

A source: INTERFAX

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