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Magerini told how the "Global Strategy of the European Union"

The cooperation of the EU countries in the field of defense does not aim at its militarization, but will allow it to occupy a leading position in terms of industry and technology, the head of EU diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, believes.

"A year ago, after the referendum on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, many predicted that this would be the beginning of the end, which did not happen, moreover, now the European Union has become even stronger." We realized that we are in danger of losing: not only 70 years of the world, but also rights and economics , Which went to growth.We together found a way to restart our Union, "- she wrote in the newspaper La Repubblica.

According to the EU High Commissioner, security in the face of the terrorist threat and international tension is, in addition to economic growth, one of the main needs of Europeans. She, Magerini believes, depends on the possibilities to ensure peace and stability beyond the borders of Europe, not only with the help of diplomacy, but also through the strengthening of defense.

Megerini noted that the EU's Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy presented just one year ago marked the way to restarting the EU's global role and allowed it to take more steps forward than in the past few decades. "Soldiers with a European flag on uniform every day detain carriers of illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean Sea, save lives, train the armed forces of our partner countries, fight piracy off the coast of Somalia," the article says.

"A few weeks ago, we presented in Brussels a planning and management center for all military training missions (military abroad), reconsidering old attempts to confront the creation of a unified military headquarters, and then we launched an EU defense fund whose budget Planned to bring to the level of 5,5 billion euros per year ... It's not about militarization of the EU, but about rationalizing costs, saving on production scale, because the best investments are those that are made together, "Magerini said.

On Thursday, EU leaders launched the permanent cooperation of the EU countries in the defense sphere, in three months they will announce a "common list of criteria and commitments, as well as specific projects in the field (development) of capacities to realize this cooperation."

As stated in the final document of the EU summit on defense, it is about the criteria provided by the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union. According to him, the protocol on permanent cooperation in the field of defense should fix certain criteria and commitments in the sphere of military capabilities. Countries wishing to participate in such cooperation must meet these criteria and assume these obligations. If the conditions are met, these countries notify their intention, and within three months of this notification, the Council of the EU establishes this cooperation and fixes the list of participating countries.

Also at the summit, the European Union agreed on a permanent mechanism for financing the deployment of the "combat groups" of the European Union - rapid reaction units, which have never been used. The so-called "combat groups" are the rapid reaction forces of the EU and represent the military units of the battalion level of about 1,5 thousand military personnel. The level of full operational readiness "combat groups" reached at the beginning of 2007. As Magerini said earlier, this tool was not involved in the implementation of the European security and defense policy since the establishment in 2004, due to a lack of political will. In her opinion, the use of "combat groups" can become a contribution not only to European security, but also to the security of a number of neighboring countries.

A source: RIA News

Author: Alexander Logunov

Tags: Mogerini, EU, Politics, Economics, Defense

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