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"Pray - the Mother of God will hear!" About the modern miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary

"Pray - the Mother of God will hear!" About the modern miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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On Saturday, the fifth week of the Great Lent, the Holy Church celebrates the Praise of the Most Holy Theotokos. Otherwise, this holiday is called the Sabbath of the Akathist, composed in gratitude for the miraculous deliverance of troubles on the intercession of the Mother of God. About a small fraction of the modern miracles of Our Lady - these stories.

Manifestation of icons

Archpriest George Breev, rector of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Krylatskoye:

Archpriest George Breev shows in his cell the icon "Burning Bush"

- When 20 years ago I was appointed rector of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Krylatskoye, I was immediately brought the Rudnenskaya icon of the Mother of God. Here in honor of this image the throne is consecrated, as local peasants found it on a holy spring near the church. I remember that the headman comes and says:

- Father, I wanted to give you something because you were set to restore this temple ...

She knew that the Rudnenskaya icon of the Mother of God is revered here. It stretches the icon, and that one is dark. Nothing was visible: no colors, no image itself.

- And how do you understand that this icon is Rudne? I ask her.

- I was told about this when I bought it on the antique market in Izmailovo, - explains.

- Okay, if Rudnenskaya, I'll take it with pleasure!

The fact is that in our temple there was only one revered icon of Rudnensk preserved by the old parishioners. According to legend, when the temple was closed in 1936 year, a temple icon was split and burned by a resident of the village of Krylatskoe. A few years later during the Great Patriotic War, when a German aircraft raided a plant outside Moscow by a river, one of the bombs "accidentally" fell out and landed in the village - this woman's house, killing her along with her daughter. No one else in the village suffered from them.

Rudnenskaya icon in the cell of Father Georgy Breev

And now I look at this dark Rudnensky icon brought to me and I think: "It requires clearing." However, at the first festival of this image, celebrated in the restored church, I nevertheless put this icon in the temple on the anal. Then, after the icon has been in the temple, I bring it to the cell and I can not understand: what's going on ?! It looks like it's changing, some colors in it come alive ... Tamara Alekseevna Gavrilova, the treasurer of the temple:

"Look, Tamara Alexeyevna, the icon was not like that!"

"Yes, sir," she confirms, shocked.

Icon completely renewed before our eyes, played with colors

Indeed, the icon was completely renewed before our eyes, played with colors - and this despite the fact that the brush of the restorer did not even touch it! Do you see what colors it has on it? And there was just a black board, on which only some outlines appeared, but now it looks like it's shining!

And here is another image of the Burning Bush. Her, too, gave me parishioners quite dark. I brought her here into the cell, but I can not see anything on it: I can not make out the details or the details. Just some streaks on the dark board looked through. Only along these lines, convergent corners, I realized that this is the image of the Burning Bush. He hung it in the cell ...

"Okay, I think I'll find good artists." I then just realized that it is impossible to give the first counter to an icon for restoration, the day before I was spoiled by one image. So I decided to wait ...

And this icon also manifested itself! What can now be seen on it - all this was in sight! On it now even blue azure is visible - this color completely was absent. The angels could not be seen! And look what a noble face the icon has!

Here you are, please, the wonders of our time.

Just the other day I was told from the temple of the icon of the Mother of God "The Life-giving Spring" in Tsaritsyno, where I had also been a rector, that three icons shone there. Go there, take a look! These are the icons of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow" and "The Execution of the Dead", as well as the image of the Great Martyr George the Victorious. And in my cell too, in addition to the Theotokos, the icon of St. George the Victor was renewed.

Also I remember when I was only appointed rector in Krylatskoe, one artist brought me the icon of the Mother of God "The Deliverer".

"Take her to the altar!" - asks me.

"Why the altar?" - I specify.

And then she tells me her story. She fell seriously ill and gave a vow to the Mother of God that she would write Her icon. And when I recovered, I forgot about the promise in the rush of vanity. Two years passed, she somehow goes out with a little dog some morning and that's what she sees. A tall, harmonious nun comes to meet her ... The dog has tucked it up, and herself thinks: "What a magnificent ..."

- You gave me a word and why do not you? - the passer-by turns to her suddenly.

"What word? .. To whom?" - thinks that and suddenly remembers:

- The Mother of God promised Her icon to write!

But the Mother of God has already become invisible.

"Sign", revealed from the sea

Sergey Korablev:

Icon of the Sign brought by dolphins to the coast

- In 2016 year, after leaving the service in the reserve, I took a ticket to a sanatorium in Sochi. I left, I remember, on the coast. It was a clear, sunny day. At sea - calm: not a single wave. Exactly at noon I saw a flock of dolphins floating toward the shore, began to count: 12. I sat in a deck chair and watched them. Suddenly I realized that they were pushing an object toward the water's edge ... When the dolphins disappeared, a single wave suddenly rolled up, which I generally noticed that day, and threw this package onto the sand. I paid attention to him, but soon I was distracted by business and I left the beach for a while. I return, and this sea offering is in the same place ... I took out an e-book and tried to go into reading, but my inner voice says:

"Open the bag." Open the bag.

I obeyed. Approached. The bag was all in slime. Has removed these seaweed. He began to untie the string. The contents were tied up with a man's sweater, fastened with stationery needles with plastic tips. I unfold the sweater, and there - the icon! Theotokos.

I called my mother, sent home for whatsapp-y a snapshot of the find.

Mom said:

- To you it is sent - take.

Although immediately someone came up and offered to take the shrine to the temple. But I still obeyed my mother. Then I was confirmed by this decision of Shhiarhimandrite Iliy (Nozdrin) when I brought him an icon in Peredelkino. With him, then still there was archpriest Valerian Krechetov. I wanted to give the icon to them, but Father Eli said:

"Let her stay as long as you have."

Sergey Korablev with the found icon

This icon is miraculous. How many times already it was that colleagues who had some serious problems in their life came to my house, and I said to them:

"Believe, pray!" Just ask the Mother of God in your own words!

And every time in a perfectly miraculous way everything in the life of these people was allowed.

I have completely changed my life. Somehow it all began to take shape. On the Internet, someone wrote something about this case, but there is a lot of lies. For some reason they wrote that I was there with my wife, and I just married a year ago! I feel the help and patronage of the Blessed Virgin.

How the Mother of God intervened when the doctors refused

Archimandrite Elijah (Reismer)

Archimandrite Elijah (Reizmir), a resident of the Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra:

- I remember how in the 1970-ies the monks of the Lavra were prevented from conducting separate soborings. Like, enough believers and one general soborirovaniya in the Great Wednesday. And soon a young girl living in the neighborhood with Lavra was very young. She worked as an accountant in a children's clinic. In the courtyard of the institution, they built something, dug pits, she accidentally fell and hurt herself. She had some kind of solid formed, thought, will pass, and as it seemed to the doctors, they diagnosed cancer, but already with metastases ... She was alone in the ward of the Botkin Hospital, and she cried:

- For what, Lord? ..

The Mother of God said: "Lydia, why are you grumbling? Nobody left you "

And I saw right in the ward the Most Holy Theotokos:

"Lydia, why are you grumbling?" Nobody left you.

The doctors refused her, sent her home as hopeless. Her mother was a believer, immediately addressed to the monks of Lavra with a request to assist and administer.

The girl was brought to the Lavra, and we, having closed in the Mikheevsky church, not including the light, were given candles by her. Then she communicated three times and returned to work healthy.

"How did you get healed?" - Ask her colleagues.

"The Lord healed, Communion," she answered.

You just have to believe, pray, the Mother of God will hear, the Lord will not leave.

Prepared by Olga Orlova
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