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The youth of Cyprus is rushing for the wheel

The police of the island caught 15-year-old boy at the wheel of the car. In the passenger seat next to the teenager was his grandfather.

64-year-old man and his grandson were detained near the village of Polis on Friday afternoon. Both of them were taken to a police station in Polis Chrysochous, where they were formally interrogated and drafted a report, after which they were both released to the court, which will decide on the appropriate punishment.

And in Limassol in the Paphos Street area, law enforcement officers arrested an 16-year-old teenager who ran a motorcycle without a driver's license and insurance. The license plates on the motorcycle were also missing. The road police establish the owner of the vehicle. In connection with the same incident, 14-year-old guy was also arrested.

Both teenagers were taken to the Ayios Ioannis police station in Limassol, where they were interrogated in the presence of parents and lawyers. Both cases are investigated by the traffic police.

Recall that the driving license in Cyprus can be obtained after reaching 18 years.

A source: KP

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