Today: December 15 2018
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Monastic history. The Teaching of the Last Times

Monastic history. The Teaching of the Last Times

Tags: Religion, Christianity

Brothers and sisters, I greet you. Today I would like to turn to the word of the great man, the Monk Anthony the Great - Megalos Antonios. And this is what he writes: "There will be no time, and men will grow up. When they see that they are not subject to a common illness, they will rise up against him, saying: you are mainly in ailment, because you are not like us. "

We are talking about some times when sin takes over the norm, sinlessness - for perversion and a dangerous disease. And when people actively engage in sin by all means and means of other people, a small number of people who do not want to sin. On the grounds that they are healthy, and you are sick. You are sick, because you are not like us, we are the majority. Let's deal with the majority.

We live in states with a victorious democratic procedure. That is, the majority wins in elections. The odds are one-on-one, one percent. Still, the majority, even the insignificant majority of those who voted away, believe that they, in fact, have a mandate for truth. And all the rest are not like them, they must submit to the victorious majority, even with a negligible preponderance. These are the procedures of the world in which we live and we will not change it. But is it true? Can one person be right, but most are wrong?

Can. Example - Noah. He built an awkward wooden box of enormous size, far from the seas and oceans, in the mountains. And he said that there will be a flood, and people will perish. If you want - help, if you want - come with me to this Ark. He was the subject of wrangling and ridicule. That is, over him is simple, I apologize, neighing. Strange guy builds with his sons, three of them, four together with some terrible box. Without a sail, without a rudder, no keel, no sails. Without anything. There will be some flood. How long have they been engaged in this occupation? For 120 years he built the Ark. People lived for a long time 500-600 years or more. And they had a constant sneer before their eyes. Strange Noah is engaged in nonsense. Then, when the sky was already dark, thunder struck, water poured from the bucket to the sinful land, and when the Ark closed, all those who were supposed to enter were there, the laughter ended. But it was already late.

One person can be right. Most right is not required. It wins the democratic process. But it is wrong in metaphysics. I remember when, in my youth, I listened to an interview with Maximov, a prose writer, our Russian emigre. Then we lived all in captivity of illusions that democracy is good. And he says: democracy is the victory of the majority, but not the victory of the best. Understand that the best is the lot of the minority. That fewer people are just, chaste, loyal, courageous, temperate, noble in intent. And all the rest of the plebs breathe the same thing: bread, a spectacle, a desire to shit on an opponent's head. Therefore, the majority is a victory for democracy, but this is not the victory of the best.

Here Anthony says that there will be times ... And he said this, sitting in the desert. He was not an analyst, he did not analyze markets, or psychology of the masses. He prayed to God, and God revealed to him the future. He said: "There will be time, the people will rejoice." And then one healthy will be in himself index fingers, poking. They say: you are sick, you do not agree with us. You say: I want to live with one wife. They will say to him: live with everyone. Live with everyone, with everything that moves, live. What are you, look at us. There are a lot of us, and we are right. Because we are the majority. That you have clung to your one, faithful faithful, you live with it alone. You live with everyone, with everyone who, I repeat, breathes and moves, down to the dumb ones. The way it is. What are you ashamed of doing an abortion, say a woman a harlot-girlfriend. What are you ashamed of making yourself a muzhik, a young lover, to be younger, so that the skin is better. Modern women some have lovers for the sake of the skin. No, to marry, to create a family. No, that the skin was good. Get yourself an old mare, a young hagal, pay him if he's a poor fellow, some kind of guest worker. And the skin will be good. Oh, do not you want to? So you're a fool. You are a dark fool. And we are smart women, we know how to live. And you, in general, are somehow strange. Because we are many, you are alone.

And I can give you many examples, the most terrible, concerning blood, seed, money, souls, human bodies, deaths, Sundays, illnesses, and recoveries. When people who have gone mad, poke at you with a hardened labor index, they say: you are sick. He says: what am I sick for, that I give half-wages to the needy? - say, says the person. Or why am I sick, that I'm standing in the church on Sunday, I'm going to pray? Why am I sick, because I do not want to change my wife? - For example, says some guy. Or I had a baby, yes, I did not give it up, for example, and I bring it up, "another says. They say: you are sick, you can not live like us, as if we live for pleasure, but you do not understand why.

About this in the IV century said the Great Anthony, who allegedly lived here on Rublyovka, for example, or in Manhattan, or in Soho English, or somewhere else. And he said that there will be a time that people sick will not criticize the common diseases, saying: you are mostly sick, because you are not like us. Do not be afraid for the truth to seem fools. If you are ashamed to be a fool to the ungodly for the truth, your faith is weak. We should rejoice when you are nicknamed by the wicked. The abuse of villains is the best praise. Bye see you.

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev
TV channel "Tsargrad"
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