Today: March 24 2019
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Marines of the USA began to prepare for the Russian winter

Marines of the USA began to prepare for the Russian winter

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The US Marines are preparing for potential battles with soldiers from Russia and North Korea. The American media call this training "hellish in terms of tax spending", including because of the specific climate.

US Marines have special training in Norway, preparing for a potential confrontation with the fighters from Russia and North Korea.

"The fight is likely to be hellishly complicated in terms of physical preparation and financial costs of taxpayers, compared to operations in the Middle East climate, to which the corps is accustomed," reports the site

The publication notes that the US military pays attention to the smallest details, since this can be a matter of life and death, and even the most ordinary tasks take more time, says First Lieutenant Wilson Fortuna, commander of the platoon of the US Marines, who is in Norway.

"The Corps intends to catch up with other Arctic allies and potential adversaries in terms of training. That's why the Marines started training in the north. They test equipment in harsh conditions and get acquainted with the tactical and logistical tasks of the snowy tundra, "the website notes.

New equipment allows US infantrymen to fight the enemy in deep snow, in cold and mountainous conditions. The publication notes that the naval corps did not fight in a cold climate since the campaign of the Hoshin Reservoir during the Korean War almost 70 years ago. But now the Marines are again preparing for such a conflict, most likely with Russia or North Korea.

In Norway last year, about 300 marines visited for training in a cold climate. Now the Marines regularly hold winter training in Bridgeport, California.

Marines fear that fighting in a cold climate will lead to greater losses than similar operations in temperate climates or even in the scorching deserts of the Middle East.

Earlier, the US military in Norway was warned about the threat of war, and the deputy chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Paul Selva, talked about plans for a possible war with Russia and China.

Victoria Fedotova
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