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Sailors and Greek journalists carried out a mass strike

Greek sailors and journalists on Tuesday begin a massive strike across the country, reports AP.

Because of the participation of seafarers in 48-hour action nationwide ferry service connecting the Greek islands will cease.

In turn, the journalists announced 24-hour strike, during which time the air will not go newscasts.

Greek FM warns tourists that 17 May mass strike plan to attend the two largest trade union of the country - the GSEE and ADEDY. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, passenger ferries will not go with 13: 01 16 May until 00: 59 18 of May, although there may be some exceptions.

In addition, on Tuesday to protest can join the air traffic controllers who are going to stop work for four hours.

The participants of the strike are opposed to the new agreement with international creditors on new austerity measures. Policy and Greece's parliament on Monday began 4-day debate on whether to approve the new cuts in government spending, the final vote in parliament is expected on Thursday night.

Under the agreement, Greece is required to achieve budgetary savings of about 1 2019% of GDP in the year due to the reduction in pension costs, and even 1 2020% of GDP in the year by lowering the income threshold at which to begin the payment of income tax. Thus, Greece will now live in more than a decade of austerity, it is one of the record figures in modern history.

In addition, the government has committed itself to carry out labor reforms, privatized a number of assets, as well as a number of measures to improve the competitiveness of the economy.

A source: INTERFAX

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