Today: February 23 2019
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Fraud with restructuring of loans in Cyprus

Fraud with restructuring of loans in Cyprus

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The police of Limassol received a complaint from 70-year-old ex-businessman. According to Reporter, he was a victim of fraud of two Greek Cypriots 44 and 73 years, who promised to restructure his three-million loan. Grandfather gave the intermediaries 2 122 500 euro cash, in the hope that he would not have to pay interest and a penalty for an unpaid loan. Having received the money, they disappeared.

According to RIK, the misadventures of the former developer began in 2016, when two of his acquaintances promised to help with the restructuring of the loan. For the credibility of the mediators showed a package of documents (later it turned out that they were forged), confirming their capabilities. During two meetings the pensioner gave them 2 122 500 euro. Money belonged to him and his brother.

A little later, representatives of the bank contacted the millionaire and informed him that the debt, including the principal amount of the loan + interest + penalty for its late repayment, increased significantly. The stunned debtor tried to find "helpers", but they did not catch a trace. The pensioner went to the police, where he stated that he was a victim of scammers. The court of Limassol issued a warrant for their arrest.

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