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Moscow was named the most protected city in the world

The capital of Russia is the only city in the world, protected from nuclear attack. On this fact on Wednesday, 31 May, the American edition of the National Interest told its readers.

A special system of anti-missile defense (ABM) A-135 determined Moscow's first position in the ranking of the security of megacities, where it was defeated by the US capital, Washington.

Development of the system A-135 ("Cupid") was conducted from the beginning of the 70-ies of the last century. The final tests were conducted in December 1989 year and a year later the system was put into operation. Its combat capabilities include intercepting intercontinental ballistic missiles with anti-missiles with nuclear warheads, working in two echelons (above and in the atmosphere), selecting false and real targets, a wide-angle sector of the space survey in the vertical and azimuth planes.

A similar Safeguard system was placed for some time around the Grand Forks military base in North Dakota, but it was dismantled.

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