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Is it possible to be saved by the rich

The Lord says: it is more convenient for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 19: 24). How to understand these words of the Savior? Is it not possible for the rich to be saved?

In the ecclesiastical word, on the 25 day of June, it is said: "What you can do is good, then do it. Do not slander anyone, do not tempt anyone, do not violate chastity and be content with being what you have. All true servants of God and His friends, in peace, and in wealth, living, God pleased. I'm talking about Abraham and Job, and David, and about the likes of them. There is no sin in good riches. And if you do so, you will not be far from the kingdom of God. "

What the Church says in Prologue about the rich, we also find in the book "Undeliverable Food". There we read: "We have many examples that even the richest were pure people and pleased God ... Abraham was rich and a friend of God was called. David was rich, and God speaks of him: the son of David, the son of Jesse, the man after my own heart. Ezekiel is rich, and in the Lord God of hope. For this reason Solomon also appeases the rich. Stiffening, says the rich grad is hard; And commands his son: "Son, have one estate to you, and no one is alien to you in parting" ("Undivided food", pp. 206 and 207).

So, the rich can be saved. But what are they supposed to do for this? Should, it is written in the same book, not in slavery to be in wealth, but in slavery to keep it to themselves. If you have riches, command them by their will, and let it obey you. Speak to your wealth: "Go, help the orphans struggling with poverty; Go into the houses of beggars, hungry, nourish them; In the houses of the naked, and put them on; Go to the sick and try to heal; Go into the meager temple of God, and adorn it. " Tako command your property, and then your wealth will be blameless to you ("Unfinished food", p. 214-216). Amen.

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