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Multiculturalism is called the cause of the economic crisis in the EU

European scientists have found a link between multiculturalism and economic stagnation in some EU countries. The corresponding study is published in the Scandinavian Journal of Economics, briefly reported by EurekAlert!

"Polarized societies in which people do not agree with key values ​​have a negative impact on the economy, since they make coordination less effective, which leads to a decrease in the quality of public administration and a reduction in the provision of public goods," says Shurds Begelsdijk, co-author.

The data obtained by scientists show that a full analysis of the interaction of culture and economy should not be limited only to the analysis of a set of cultural values, but also should take into account the extent to which such values ​​are shared by individual groups of citizens of the country.

Multiculturalism is a concept in which peaceful coexistence of different cultures is assumed. Such a policy is the opposite of the model of a "melting pot" - the mixing of cultures into a single whole. The first ideology is popular in the EU, the second - in the US.

A source: Slow

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