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Cyprus Municipalities require reforms and threaten strike

On Thursday, April 27 from 11: 00 to 12: 00 officers of all municipalities will hold a strike. The participants declare that decided on a one-hour suspension of work in protest against the situation that prevailed in local government.

Its position protesters justified in a letter sent April 12 Interior Minister Sokratis Hasikos. They also said that soon will meet with representatives of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities to discuss some controversial issues, such as a sharp decrease in state funding to 40% and a decrease in income of local budgets due to the economic crisis.

As reported, the total debt of all municipalities exceeded 300 million euros, payable to the Pension Fund of 144 million euros, the total number of municipal employees declined by 15%.

The protesters believe that help local self-government can only urgent reform, the strike aims to draw attention of the authorities to the problem.

A source: KP

Tags: Cyprus, strikes, reforms

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