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The man received a six month suspended sentence for the killing of dogs in Larnaca

The court sentenced the resident of Cyprus Larnaca to one and a half month suspended sentence for the murder of Shepherd in front of her deaf master. Killer pay 150 euros legal costs, and the dog's owner fined 400 euros. protection of the rights of Cyprus party animals called absurd verdict and urged Costas Clerides Attorney General to appeal the court's decision.

State of emergency, which killed polutorogodovalaya Shepherd named Max, was next to the park in June 2015 years. Max saw the puppy and ran him out of the gate of the house. puppy the owner pulled a pocket knife and stabbed Max two hits in the neck. Shepherd the owner brought her to a veterinary clinic, where the next day, she died of his wounds. The man, who inflicted blows a dog, said he did it because panicked when he saw a huge dog.

The trial lasted for two years. They are always attended by a representative party animal rights in Cyprus. As a result, the court ruled: to sentence the defendant to eighteen months' imprisonment suspended for three years and ordered to pay court costs in the amount of EUR 150.

Legislation of the Republic of Cyprus provides for a maximum punishment for killing an animal to a year in prison and / or fines of up to 1700 euros.

According to the party, "unacceptable" verdict for the murder of the dog. Most likely, the Shepherd just wanted to get acquainted with the puppy, sniffing it. Max's owner fined 400 euros for that dog escaped his attention.


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