Today: March 21 2019
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The IMF sent a Ukrainian "black mark"

The IMF sent a Ukrainian "black mark"

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The International Monetary Fund at the last moment canceled a meeting on the issue of granting Ukraine tranche of 1 billion dollars. The reason - the transport blockade of Donbass introduced Petro Poroshenko on Thursday. Experts see this as a very bad signal for Kiev from its "Western partners".

On Sunday, it was reported that the International Monetary Fund postponed indefinitely the consideration of financial assistance to Ukraine.

Tass source close to the negotiations, said that the decision to postpone the debate at the last minute is very unusual, if not unprecedented, because for the meeting, in fact, everything was already prepared. And such a decision could be taken only with the consent of the senior management of the Fund.

In turn, a source of "Interfax" reported that the main reason for this move was the decision of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine on cessation of trade with certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Another source said that the termination of transport with Donbass require a revision of macroeconomic indicators laid down in the program to provide financial assistance to Ukraine.

Transferring solutions IMF and its connection with the blockade of Donbass already confirmed in Kiev. In a statement on the Ukrainian ministry website said that the issue was postponed "for a short time."

At the end of the meeting scheduled for Monday was expected that Kiev will provide the next tranche in the amount of 1 billion dollars.

In the notice sent out on Saturday to postpone the meeting stated that "the delay necessary for the assessment of developments in recent years, and policies affecting the financial sector and the broader economic outlook."

The fact that the West was, to put it mildly, unhappy with how the actions of Ukrainian radicals who organized the transport blockade of Donbass and the NSDC decision to move it to the state level, was known before.

For example, on the eve of their discontent in a telephone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Eyraud. According to the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry, "Eyraud confirmed that France was in favor of ending the blockade of Donbass". And on Wednesday condemned a transport blockade German Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer, stressing that the actions of the Kiev authorities to reinforce the tendency to separate the region.

Earlier, at a meeting of foreign ministers of the Normandy Four countries, held at the international conference on security in Munich, Lavrov said: "We drew attention to the unacceptability of the blockade of the Donbas, which is now organized by radicals, the suppression of the railway and road traffic, or any connection with this area of ​​Ukraine ... We proposed to condemn such an approach and demand an immediate lifting of this blockade ... Our partners in the Norman format supported this proposal, and this is the ratio This statement was included in the final comment of the German and French ministers. "

However, official Kiev, unable to organize opposition to the radicals of the "veterans of the ATU", decided to lead the process of blockade. This happened despite the fact that the consequences of this blockade will hit the already poor Ukrainians. It is already known that the wholesale cost of electricity in Ukraine from 1 April will increase by 1% instead of the previously approved reduction of 5,8%. Dmitry Vovk, head of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities, believes that the main reason for this is the blockade of Donbass and, as a consequence, the need to import coal energy brands.

"Offended the master on a slave"

Political scientist Alexander Dudchak economist believes that the leadership of the IMF has found a convenient excuse to not pay Ukraine. "For the IMF is no longer necessary to maintain afloat Ukrainian economy. Besides, 1 billion dollars in no way is not able to significantly affect the economic situation in Ukraine ", - he told the newspaper VIEW.

According Dudchak fundamentally important fact of such a signal: the attitude to the ongoing processes in Ukraine in the West changed. "Previously, economic instruments have been used to force Ukraine to make any political actions in the US and Western interests. Now this is no longer necessary, everything is already done. Ukraine and so is on rails, roll from which it is very difficult, therefore, to provide financial support for demonstrative it makes no sense, "- he explained.

"No business man will have business with a partner who regularly refused to fulfill his obligations. None of the external debts, including the debt of Russia, are not going to be given in Kiev. In addition, in fact, the Ukrainian economy is already in a state of default. However, they do not want to formally admit this. It's time to remember the European integration dreams of the Maidan and all of the then promises. It's another matter that in the future some money will be allocated to Ukraine, I think, but in amounts intended not so much to support the country's economy as to maintain the ruling elite in Kiev, "added Dudchak.

In turn, the Ukrainian economist Alexander Okhrimenko believes that from the economic point of view there is no reason not to give credit to Ukraine, as all the disputable issues on pension reform and the land market have already been agreed upon by the parties. But, based on unofficial data, Trump took offense at Poroshenko for not coordinating the imposition of the Donbass blockade on US Ambassador Mary Jovanovic. "In other words, Poroshenko allowed himself the freedom and forgot that he is a puppet of the United States and must coordinate all his actions with the curator from the United States. As a result, now there is no tranche from the IMF, "Okhrimenko told VZGLYAD.

Another thing is that, in his opinion, the loan to Ukraine is not so necessary. "Ukraine this year you need to pay off the old IMF loans worth 1,3 billion and other loans in the amount of 2 billion, total need of about 3,5 billion dollars, while the volume of international reserves of Ukraine today is about 15,4 billion dollars. That is enough currency to Kiev ", - said the economist.

However, the actions of the IMF - is, in any case, the blow to the image of the Ukrainian authorities. "They keep all the reforms (tariff increase, rising prices, higher taxes) explain that it is the IMF's demands. And now it turns out that everything seems to be done, and the IMF they "threw". Offended master to a slave, that he had done something, but he did not ask "- summed up the economist.

Nikita Golobokov
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