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IMF threatened to refuse financial support to Greece

The head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde said that the organization can refuse to participate in further financial support for Greece, if the country's debt will not be restructured.

"If Greece's debt burden would be unbearable in the IMF's criteria and will not meet the reasonable parameters, the fund refuses to participate in this program," - said Lagarde, reports Deutsche Welle.

She noted Greece's success in carrying out reforms, but added that the participation of the Fund's financial assistance to Athens also need to fulfill another condition - to restructure the debt.

At the same time, Lagarde noted that in case of failure of the IMF from Athens to support Greece will funding from the European Stability Mechanism, which is "very strong financially."

Greece needs a new tranche of 86 billion euros to repay debt in July.

In February, Lagarde said that currently sees no need to write off part of Greece's debt, although in December the Eurogroup approved the short-term measures to reduce Greece's debt.

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