Today: January 16 2019
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On the roads of Paphos buses returned

On the roads of Paphos buses returned

Tags: Cyprus, Paphos, Transport Strike

The city bus company Paphos (OSYPA) announced that the drivers' strike ended on the evening of 10 May. In the morning 11 May the city buses resumed the service of the population on a schedule.

The Transport Ministry stated that it managed to reach an agreement with a company that receives state funding. According to the transaction concluded with OSYPA, wages for April were immediately paid, which the drivers demanded. The company, in turn, agreed to regularly provide data on income and expenditure for verification, and will not further demand that its expenditure be increased. According to reports, OSYPA annually receives about 2,4 million euros from the state.

Recall that in the strike, which began on Wednesday 9 May, took part about 230 drivers bus fleet OSYPA.

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