Today: 25 September 2018
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In Cyprus, a woman and a doctor who has committed an abortion

In Cyprus, a woman and a doctor who has committed an abortion

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Police of the Republic of Cyprus detained for five days a woman and a doctor who had made her an abortion without the consent of the father of the unborn child. A woman's partner, having learned that she was expecting a child from him, but interrupted her pregnancy, came to a private clinic where she had an abortion, and organized a pogrom.

During preliminary hearings it became known that the abortion was made in the second month of pregnancy. The woman was brought to a private clinic by the mother of her civil husband. According to Politis, the couple already have a child, but there is no work and their own housing. And so the woman decided to have an abortion.

Recall that, according to the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, abortion is prohibited at any time of pregnancy. There are exceptions to this rule:

  • pregnancy occurred as a result of rape,
  • threat to the life of the mother,
  • the probability of having a child with a serious physical or mental illness that leads to severe disability is high.
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