Today: March 22 2019
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In Cyprus, they want to deprive children of the mention of their parents

In Cyprus, they want to deprive children of the mention of their parents

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Children's ID-cards in Cyprus want to be slightly modified: they may lack the "parents" graph. Discussions of a new model of the identity card are now going on between the Ministers of Cyprus.

ID-cards in Cyprus are received by all residents older than 12-year-old age, regardless of whether they are citizens of the Republic or temporarily residing here. Identification card allows you to have information about its owner in electronic and physical format: photo, external data, age, employment, etc. In Cyprus, ID-card is a mandatory identity card.

Commissioner for Child Protection Leda Kursumba put forward a proposal for a new kind of ID-card: without information about the parents. For some children who do not have one or two parents, this information can be traumatic, making them feel inadequate and cause unnecessary questions. Therefore, the proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for consideration, SigmaLive writes.

Irina Zhmaeva
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