Today: March 24 2019
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In Cyprus there is a slight cooling

In Cyprus there is a slight cooling

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In Cyprus, again the rainy weather. After yesterday's showers with hail in Nicosia is cool, despite + 24 degrees. In Limassol + 22 and cloudy, in Paphos one degree less. In Troodos and at all + 8. In the first half of Tuesday, 10 April, heavy precipitation fell in the north and in the center of the island. After dinner, thunderstorms will rumble and in its southern part.

The air temperature is within normal limits, but after a month of abnormal heat, when the thermometer readings exceeded the values ​​typical for a given time of year at 5-7 degrees (on certain days in late March and early April the island was up to + 30), now it seems that the street is chilly. And yet the Cypriot weather forecasters are untiring optimists, they promise a significant improvement in the weather.

On Wednesday, it is forecasted variable cloudiness (probability of precipitation - 30%). On the coast the air will warm up to + 23, in the inner regions - to + 26, in Troodos - to + 13. In the mountains, short rains are possible. On Thursday, with variable cloudiness, the air temperature will be 1-3 degrees above normal. The probability of precipitation is zero. On Saturday in Nicosia again promise 30 degrees of heat.

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