Today: January 16 2019
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Mortality on the roads of Cyprus resumed growth

Mortality on the roads of Cyprus resumed growth

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The total number of accidents from 2010 year on 2017 decreased by 12%, however, the number of road accidents with DEATH outcome over the past year increased by 15%, such data was announced in Brussels during the meeting of the Transport Commission.

Mortality by years as a result of an accident in Cyprus for 1 million citizens:

  • 2010 year - 73 person
  • 2016 year - 54 person
  • 2017 year - 62 person

Improvement, due to the fact that as a result of the economic crisis, some citizens refused to use motor vehicles. As Cyprus emerges from the crisis, mortality increases as a result of an accident.

The average death rate as a result of an accident in the European Union is 49 people per 1 million citizens. The lowest rates were recorded in Sweden (25 deaths), UK (27) and the Netherlands (31).

The worst performance in Romania and Bulgaria, however, even in these countries, the death rate in road accidents is significantly lower than in 2016.

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