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Cyprus will begin to monitor compliance with labor standards

The Parliamentary Committee on Labor completed the discussion of the draft law on labor inspection. The purpose of the created structure is to combat undeclared labor and violations of the order of the 30 laws in force in the sphere of labor relations. The document will be put to the vote of the parliament next week.

The inspection service will be part of the Ministry of Labor. Its employees will have expanded powers to conduct inspections at workplaces and to impose fines for violations. They will also be able to analyze the data received from employers. Head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Republic of Cyprus Zeta Emilianidu gave an example: in the hotel at 100 places can not work just two maids.

Deputies will discuss the proposal to extend to 24 months the time frame for filing compensation claims in connection with dismissal for staff reduction (dismissal due to lack of work, due to a surplus of labor or because of the inability of the employer to pay salaries). In addition, bills on surrogate motherhood will be approved for the parliament's approval, an increase in the maximum family income tax rate for the receipt of child benefits and the introduction of parental leave for the fathers.


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