Today: December 14 2018
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In Cyprus, one of the lowest prices for gasoline in Europe

In Cyprus, one of the lowest prices for gasoline in Europe

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In the world rating of gasoline prices, Iceland leads. The average price for gasoline in this country at the moment is 1,66 euro per liter. In second place, Hong Kong and Norway with an average price of gasoline in 1,65 euro. On the third - Monaco (1,59 euro per liter).

In the top ten leaders of many European countries - Nidirlands, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Denmark. It also noted Israel and the Wallis and Futuna islands in the Pacific Ocean. Cyprus is far beyond the top ten - at 35 place with the average price of gasoline in January at 1,23 euro per liter. Although, this is higher than the average for all countries in the world - 0,93 euro per liter.

The cheapest gasoline in Venezuela, Turkmenistan and Kuwait is less than 0,3 euro per liter.

Gleb Nekrasov
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