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In Cyprus, poorly treated with the elderly

In Cyprus, poorly treated with the elderly

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The organization of social protection began to receive complaints. People claim abuse of the elderly who are in nursing homes on the island.

According to the president of the organization, serious complaints of ill-treatment and neglect towards elderly people have recently begun to arrive. Some of them concern nursing: people have not changed bed linen for a long time, and they had to sleep on a dirty bed. In the bed were ants, which the staff of the institution did not clean.

Anxiety of the situation is that this happens not only in nursing homes with a license, but also in homes that contain older people, but have not yet received proper training.

The representative of social security stated that all incidents with the elderly should be investigated by the relevant state bodies. The issue is very serious, as the tendency of ill-treatment of older people is developing every year. At the same time, there is no evidence of bringing those responsible to justice.

All victims and witnesses of ill-treatment of elderly people are encouraged to file complaints by phone + (357) 25 310 617 so that the perpetrators will not go unpunished. Absolute anonymity is guaranteed.

If necessary, the Social Security Service will collect the licenses of those homes for the elderly who commit offenses. Recently in Nicosia two nursing homes have already lost their licenses.

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