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In Cyprus, caught poachers

In Alaminos, the poacher was caught on Wednesday. 67-year-old man checked traps on animals when he was detained by the guards of the reserve.

On Wednesday in Alaminos (Larnaka) workers of the reserve were caught poacher. A man 67 years tested the traps, which he had previously placed on animals. When detained, the man confessed that the traps belong to him.

During the search conducted at the poacher's house, law enforcement officers found carcasses of hares and a lot of birds that he caught in the trap network. According to preliminary data, the illegal hunter will have to pay a fine of at least 10 000 euro.

However, the collection of evidence continues - they will assess the damage that the poacher managed to inflict on the environment. The Cyprus Hunters Federation insists that a man pay for his crime 20 000 euro.

A source: RuCy

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