Today: December 16 2018
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In Cyprus, there will be a "law in the water"

In Cyprus, there will be a "law in the water"

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Fresh water is one of the most important assets for people. And if you consider that on the islands the issue with a fresh water resource is particularly acute, then for Cyprus this topic is very relevant.

In the near future, the quality of the ground water in Cyprus will be strictly regulated at the legislative level. The corresponding bill was registered in the parliament of the island. In particular, one of the items of the draft law regulates the quality of tanks that are used for transportation and storage of fresh water, Reporter reports.

It will also tighten control over the chemical composition of fresh water, which is fed to the homes of the island's residents. Certificates of companies that deal with desalination, as well as transportation and storage of fresh water in tankers will be revised and reissued.

In the future, the plans of the authorities of the island to replace the asbestos pipes, which are used in water supply systems in Cyprus. They will be replaced by more environmentally friendly and safer ones.

Such measures were taken after frequent complaints from the inhabitants of Cyprus on the quality of fresh water on the island.

Natalia Kudlay
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