Today: December 16 2018
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Is there a women's party in Cyprus?

Is there a women's party in Cyprus?

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Erato Kozaku-Markullis proposed to create a political party that will promote the idea of ​​gender equality in the Cypriot society. On her Facebook page, the ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus explained that she was not going to become the founder of the party. She is only the author of the idea. "The women of Cyprus deserve a better future!" - said the former Foreign Minister.

I propose to create a political movement or party that, along with the solution of the Cyprus problem, can guarantee to women equal participation in the negotiations and work of decision-making centers, as well as equality in practice in all spheres of life. We urgently need changes in our country! "Said Ms. Kozaku-Markullis.

The tasks of the new party

  • Achievement of real equality of men and women
  • Creation of infrastructure and implementation of a purposeful policy that supports women and the family
  • Participation of men and women in the ratio of 50: 50 in the work of centers that make crucial decisions for the country
  • The introduction of zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and violence against women, girls and girls

Commenting on the situation for the portal Offsite Politics, the former Foreign Minister said that her idea "was a huge success." According to her, "now there are active discussions". In the Cypriot press, the party that has not yet been created has already been nicknamed "female", although Erato Kozak-Markullis suggests that both women and men will be part of it.

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