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Dozens of cases of robberies and thefts have been uncovered in Cyprus

Dozens of cases of robberies and thefts have been uncovered in Cyprus

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Two men, aged 29 years and 31, detained in Limassol, will remain in custody in the Central Nicosia Prison until the trial scheduled for 23 August. The suspects are involved in 75 cases of thefts and robberies in Ayia Napa and Protaras, the police said on Thursday.

Two suspects were arrested 27 July in connection with the robbery of an apartment in the Famagusta area. From the home ownership were stolen items worth 19 thousand euros.

Police received evidence that stolen items are stored in a rented house in Limassol. After the search, the police found a large number of clothes, electronic devices and valuables, the total value of which exceeded 40 000 euro. Among the found owners of the robbed apartment also identified their belongings.

The arrested could not explain the origin of the items seized from them, and later, they confessed that they participated in 74 other robberies and thefts in Ayia Napa and Protaras. All the robberies occurred between June and July of 2017. The investigation is under way.

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