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In Cyprus, rescued the missing diver

In Cyprus, rescued the missing diver

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On Thursday, 10 August, the United Rescue Coordination Center in Larnaca received a report on the loss of a diver. After some time, the missing was found.

In Cyprus, rescued a diver, who plunged into the sea alone. A report on the loss of a young man arrived in the 15 area: 00 on Thursday 10 August. The diver disappeared in the Larnaka Bay area.

In search of the missing, three search boats were sent. The diver was found in an hour and a half near the beach of Lenios. Rescuers brought a young man to the hospital in Larnaca for an inspection. Fortunately, the "lonely" diver did not suffer.

Rescuers urge all citizens to be as cautious as possible and not to dive into the water alone.

For information:

The Joint Rescue Coordination Center is an independent unit created by the Ministry of Defense of Cyprus. The main task of the center is the search and rescue of people who are at risk from air and sea accidents / accidents.

The Center coordinates such institutions as the Cyprus Police Aviation Group, the Police Port of Cyprus, the Maritime Police, the National Command of the Marine Guards of Cyprus, the National Command of the Air Force of Cyprus, the Civil Defense of Cyprus and other secondary units. The Center serves as a bridge between these institutions and thus helps to connect the aid from all sides.


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50, Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue
Irida No 3, 11th Floor
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