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In Cyprus, they saved a man who was tired of swimming

In Cyprus, they saved a man who was tired of swimming

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On Saturday, on the beach of Coral Bay, Paphos, the rescuer pulled a man out of the sea.

According to the report of the rescue service, on Saturday, 19 August, a rescuer on the beach of Coral Bay helped a man in the sea, who could not swim to the shore. The man, a Greek Cypriot, sailed away from the beach, but he did not have the strength to return. Rescuer Vysos Christodoulou saw that the swimmer is in a dangerous situation, and rushed to the rescue. The man was brought to the land unscathed.

To make sure that the swimmer is fine, he was taken to the emergency department in Paphos.

The Rescue Service of Cyprus urges all travelers to be extremely careful at sea and responsibly approach their safety.

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