Today: March 24 2019
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In Cyprus, there will be more free Wi-Fi hotspots

In Cyprus, there will be more free Wi-Fi hotspots

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The European Commission launched the WiFi4EU web portal, which offers all municipalities in Europe funding to create public free WiFi points.

Each participant of the program WiFi4EU will receive a voucher for 15 000 euros for the implementation of the project in his city. It is assumed that WiFi will appear in public places such as libraries, museums, parks and squares.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that the WiFi4EU initiative aims to connect "every European village and every city to free wireless Internet access to 2020 year".

Municipalities can use WiFi4EU vouchers to purchase and install equipment in their chosen community centers in a city or village. The costs of maintaining the network will be covered by the municipality.

Vice President of the European Commission on the Single Digital Market Andrus Ansip said that the launch of the WiFi4EU portal is a concrete step towards the municipalities, however, "the European Parliament should complete work on the draft telecommunications law as soon as possible in order to ensure high-speed communication throughout the EU".

Already in the middle of May 2018 the first 1000 registered on the portal of municipalities will receive vouchers for 15 000 euro.

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