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Cyprus judged Ukrainian ship's captain

May 1 before the District Court of Limassol appeared 38-year-old captain, a Ukrainian citizen. He is accused of that ship that arrived at the port of Limassol on Sunday, April 30 previously illegally entered the closed port in the occupied territory of Cyprus.

The breach was discovered on arrival merchant ship under the flag of Antigua and Barbuda in Limassol port. During the inspection logbook, it was found that on Friday, April 28, the ship entered the port of occupied Famagusta.

Logbook (or log) - one of the main shipping documents. In the ship's log records: the list of teams, date of arrival to the port and departure from the port, the depth of water in the port and out to sea, speed, course, wind power during the voyage, watchkeeping crew names and watchkeeping navigator and a detailed report on all events that occurred during the time of the voyage. When the ship's log incidents at sea is the main document which records have a validity in court proceedings.

A source: KP

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