Today: January 17 2019
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The replacement of permanent civil servants with temporary

The replacement of permanent civil servants with temporary

Tags: Cyprus, Statistics, Work

According to the Statistical Service of the island, the number of civil servants in Cyprus has increased over the year. At the same time, analysts saw an interesting trend: temporary work began to be in great demand.

The number of civil servants in Cyprus over the past year increased by 1,5% and reached 51 970 people, reports Philelewtheros referring to the Statistical Service. Moreover, the growth of temporary workers and a decrease in the number of permanent workers was noted. Thus, we can talk about partial replacement of permanent workers with temporary ones.

If over the past year the number of temporary employees in the public sector has increased by almost 10%, then permanent employees have become smaller on the contrary. Data indicate a decrease of almost 2% of the total number of newly recruited staff.

Separately, the Statistical Service singled out the sphere of security. There, the largest increase in the number of employees was noted. The number of permanent workers increased by 4,5%, and temporary - by 14%. This is due to the decision of the authorities to strengthen the fight against crime on the island and preparation for the tourist season.

Statistics also showed that more than 13% of temporary employees of state structures receive hourly wages. How the new trend in the sphere of public services will affect, it is not yet clear. Researchers do not make forecasts and do not give an assessment of what is happening.

Irina Zhmaeva
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