Today: December 11 2018
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In Cyprus, terrible conditions for the detention of refugee children

In Cyprus, terrible conditions for the detention of refugee children

Tags: Cyprus, Refugees, Children, Healthcare

The Kohlin receiver is a center for assistance to under-age refugees and refugees with young children who come to the island. The condition of temporary housing is dangerous for the health of children: in the bathrooms and restrooms there is an unsanitary condition.

The receiver in Cofina needs repair - mold in the bathrooms and faulty plumbing create terrible conditions for the life of refugee children. In total, the receiver has about 220 people, of which 40 are children. To date, unfavorable conditions can lead to serious consequences, since among the refugees there is a boy with bronchial asthma and a girl who underwent a kidney operation.

In addition, hot water is regularly absent in the center of care in winter. Mothers are forced to bathe their children in very cold water, which creates an additional risk for the appearance of colds. Now the question of repair in the receiver is being solved, and funds are being searched for it, writes Philelewtheros. Most likely, it will be donations from individuals and organizations.

Irina Zhmaeva
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