Today: January 16 2019
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In Cyprus, tightened control over chemicals

In Cyprus, tightened control over chemicals

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New chemicals have been added to the list, according to which they must have a compulsory license. Without this license, chemicals can not be used on the territory of Cyprus.

The Cyprus Labor Inspection Department acts as the body that monitors compliance with the legislation on the use of chemicals in Cyprus. It informs all Cypriot businessmen who manufacture and / or distribute chemicals about making changes to the list according to which certain chemicals must be licensed. It follows that if businessmen manufacture or sell substances (or products with a substance on the list), then they must necessarily have a license for each substance.

The chemicals listed in the table below were classified as very hazardous substances and added to the list.

All companies that manufacture chemicals or manufacture products containing these chemicals must consult the list on the site. In total, the list of chemicals for which production and / or distribution is required to be licensed, includes the 181 name, Sigmalive reports.

For detailed information on the REACH and CLP rules that control the production and distribution of hazardous chemicals, see Online Department. Or by phone: 224 05 608 and 224 05 611.

Elena Savchenko
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