Today: December 16 2018
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In Cyprus, introduced a new prison training program

In Cyprus, introduced a new prison training program

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In Cyprus, introduced a new prison training program

The European University of Cyprus (THE European University of Cyprus) has launched a new program "Expanding prison education opportunities" (ELMIP). The project is funded by the European Union Justice Program with the support of the Cyprus Prison Department and partner companies (Enoros Consulting Ltd (Cyprus) and Ergoplan AE, Greece).

The purpose of the program is to provide prisoners and prison staff with training materials, innovative educational opportunities and specialized training programs.

In particular, the program will help develop the communication skills of prisoners, contribute to the harmonization of their emotional and interpersonal communication, and sets as their global goal their subsequent protection and assistance with employment and integration into society after they leave prison.

In addition, the program will help staff of the prison, after passing the appropriate training, to identify, evaluate and eliminate extreme and radical attitudes.

The project is implemented within the framework of a broader European policy within the framework of the European Security Strategy and the program of the EU Council to combat radicalization, terrorism and violence.

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