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In Cyprus, the speed of mobile Internet

In Cyprus, the speed of mobile Internet

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According to the new Speedtest Global Index, for the last month Cyprus has risen to 21 line in the mobile Internet speed rating. Now the mobile Internet in Cyprus is 35-th in speed in the world.

Speedtest Global Index is a new rating of the Speedtest service, which checks the speed of connection to the Internet. To form a rating, data is collected from millions of devices.

In the global ranking of the speed of the mobile Internet, Norway (52,59 Mbit / s) is in the lead. It is followed by Holland (46,94), Hungary (46,24), Singapore (45,99) and Malta (44,84 Mbit / s).

The list is closed by Iraq (3,03 Mbit / s), Costa Rica (3,79) and Bangladesh (5,17).

Cyprus - on 35 line ranking with an average mobile Internet speed in 26,98 Mbit / s. Russia - on 72-m with 15,60 Mbit / s. According to the speed of the wire Internet Cyprus at 77 place (15,94 Mbit / s). Russia - on 40 (34,02).

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