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In Cyprus, arrested a man with fake money

Tuesday, January 10, 50-year-old man was arrested by police in Cyprus after being paid the bet at the bookmaker in Famagusta counterfeit banknotes in euros 200.

8 of January, the man made a bet on 10 euros, then safely left bookmaker receiving 190 euros deposit.

On Tuesday morning, the owner of the office came to the bank, which would have put money into the account, but it turned out that the bill was counterfeit.

Later that same day, when the alleged attacker had come again, that would make a bet, the bookmaker owner called the police.

Later, a man was arrested for questioning. Cyprus Police is investigating.

A source: CypLIVE

Author: Maria Kayopulus

Tags: Cyprus, Arrest, Money, Fraud, Police, Famagusta