Today: March 18 2019
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Cyprus detained the wife of Russian billionaire

Cyprus detained the wife of Russian billionaire

Tags: Cyprus Police Arrest, Limassol

Russian woman accused of embezzling a diamond ring worth 25 million dollars, which is owned by a trust company.

Representatives of the consular department of the Russian Embassy in Cyprus contacted today with his wife Elena Rybolovleva Russian billionaire.

She was arrested by the Cypriot police on charges of misappropriation of property of a trust company - a diamond ring worth 25 million. As a correspondent reported. ITAR-TASS in the embassy, ​​the Russian woman remains in police custody in Limassol. Complaints to local authorities it does not.

Meanwhile, lawyers arrested are making efforts to be let out on bail and she was able to spend the night in a hotel. Rybolovlev arrested pursuant to a warrant of arrest 24 hours. 25 February, it will appear before the court, which must decide whether there are grounds for further her detention. According to the laws of Cyprus, who was arrested may be detained for the duration of the investigation to 8 days.

Rybolovlev said consular officers that arrived on the island to meet with the two Cypriot lawyers to discuss issues that arose during the divorce process.

She stated that she has all the evidence that the husband 2008, bought as a gift a diamond ring, referred to in the complaint.

In turn, Dmitry Rybolovlev insists that the ring was purchased as an investment trust company in Bolton Trastees. According to some reports, this company was founded two years after the purchase of the ring.

Rybolovlev couple goes through a heavy divorce process that began in 2008 year. Rybolovlev before the banking crisis on the island was the largest sole shareholder of the leading Bank of Cyprus on the island, owning nearly 10% of its securities in the amount of approximately 400 million euros.

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