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Crete almost hid passenger plane

Aircraft airline NordWind, en route flight from Heraklion Greek in St. Petersburg, were forced to return to the departure from the airport due to technical problems; As the passenger, a professor of St. Petersburg State University Dmitry Havre, the aircraft rapidly lost altitude and began to fall, but the pilots managed to avert disaster.

"We just have not fallen. More precisely, we fell about three kilometers. But nothing happened. Sudden loss of height. Without turbulence. Immediately. And sufficiently long duration. Not like turbulence. Unpleasant moments. Then the commander did straightened, "- he wrote in Le Havre Instagram.

According to him, in children, after a sharp maneuver ears are sick, some jumped up pressure.

"As a result, the commander managed at low altitude to come back to Crete," - said the town.

"After landing, the people began to come belated panic," - he said.

According to Life head of travel company "Pegas Touristik" Anna Podgornaya, now passengers aircraft airline airplane NordWind expect Pegas fly.

A source: LOOK

Author: Olga Nikitina

Tags: Greece, Aircraft Accidents

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