Today: December 17 2018
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A marathon in Paphos is expected to record a record number of participants

A marathon in Paphos is expected to record a record number of participants

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The annual marathon in Paphos takes place in the first spring month. All interested athletes can participate in the race for a long distance, and after the race organizers of the event conduct an entertainment program. This year, 2700 people are going to take part in the marathon.

The twentieth marathon in Paphos should beat its own record for the number of participants - 2700 runners are expected, half of which are foreign citizens. The marathon will be held 4 March 2018 year, according to the Cyprus Mail. In addition to the main distance, routes will be available for 10 and 5 km.

The main marathon starts from the rock of Aphrodite, and the first half of the way will pass along the picturesque sea coast. Then the road will go to the villages in the Paphos area, and the finish line will be based in Kato Paphos, where the solemn congratulation of the winners and an entertainment event with drinks will be held.

Sign up the participation will last for 8 more days, so those wishing should hurry. Registered runners will be given T-shirts with a marathon logo, a bus pass to the launch site, drinks all over the distance (every 3 km - water and electrolytes), as well as a massage at the end of the event and free cocktails at the event.

Video from last year's marathon:

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