Today: December 17 2018
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Three bars will appear on the municipal beach of Geroskipou

Three bars will appear on the municipal beach of Geroskipou

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Next week, along the municipal beach of Geroskipou, the construction of three establishments will unfold. About this 12 February, Mayor of the region Michalis Pavlidis.

The contractor who wins the tender will be announced in the next few days. The task of the company will include the construction of three beach bars, each of which will amount to 220 sq. M. m. At the same time 80 sq. m. m in each room will be given under the right infrastructure for the beach visitors: toilets, locker rooms and showers.

The first of the new institutions will appear in the area of ​​the beach, known as Rikkos, the second - at a distance of 250 m from it, the third - another 300 meters further along the coastline.

In the near future, a second tender will be announced with the aim of concluding contracts with three companies ready to implement beach bar projects. The results of the tenders will be known by June 10.

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