Today: January 15 2019
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On the beaches of Cyprus will appear 24 new rescuer

On the beaches of Cyprus will appear 24 new rescuer

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In 2018 on the beaches of the Republic of Cyprus will work 164 lifeguard, not 140, as before. According to the deputy head of the government's press service, Clelia Vasiliu, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted this decision, taking into account the growth of the tourist flow. At the same time, according to a study commissioned by the Interior Ministry, ideally Cyprus needs 300 rescuers.

Recall that in Cyprus is still not passed a law that regulates the work of beach rescue services. There is no list of necessary equipment and clearly formulated requirements for the location of rescue towers on the beaches.

In 2017, the Cyprus Rescue Association on the water threatened to strike, demanding the recruitment of additional personnel and the renewal of worn-out equipment. Because of the acute shortage of shift workers, rescuers were forced to work for 60 hours per week.

Last year, Cypriot rescuers were able to bring back to life 75 sinking. In addition, they assisted in approximately 500 cases involving heart attacks, heat strokes, serious injuries, and the like.

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