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09.04.2017 - 08: 10

In the warehouses of the Basque group ETA in France found 3,5 tons of weapons

French security forces have found in the warehouses of the Basque terrorist group ETA about 3,5 tons of weapons, ammunition and explosives, according to the French Prime Minister Bernar Kaznev.

"This is a crucial step towards ending the existence of the Basque terrorism. I hope that by doing so put an end to five decades of violence and in the Basque Country comes the era of lasting peace, which she lacked "- said the executions.

According to him, Paris pleased with how the operation went. He also expressed condolences to the relatives of the victims of ETA and the victims of the terrorist attacks, reports TASS

Experts "in close cooperation with the Spanish legal authorities" should be set in any acts of terrorism can apply detection of weapons and explosives.

According to the French prime minister, "the findings could help in the promotion of ongoing investigations", as well as to establish whether the surrendered all the weapons indeed.

Some experts believe that the Basques have not given the location of the French warehouses, where the most modern weapons.

17 March it became known that the Basque terrorist group ETA has decided to lay down their arms. warehouses lists were handed over to the prosecutor of the city of Bayonne leadership of ETA.

A source: LOOK

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