Today: February 16 2019
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On the next weekend in the sky over Cyprus there will be a snowstorm

On the next weekend in the sky over Cyprus there will be a snowstorm

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A little more than a week later, 21 and 22 April are expected a large-scale starfall, which will be perfectly visible in the sky over Cyprus.

The fall of the stars has always been equated with magic, because at that moment it is possible to make a wish that will necessarily come true. Each year, astronomers allocate periods when it is necessary to stock up coffee and at night go out on the terrace, because in this period, you can make hundreds of desires. Already next weekend is expected to fall in Cyprus which will be seen especially well.

It is during this period that the fall of meteorites in the constellation of Lyra will delight the eye of those who sincerely believe in the fulfillment of the desire conceived during the fall of the star. Especially active this meteor shower, called the Lyrida stream, will be closer to the morning of the night from 21 on 22 April, Astro Meridian reports.

The average speed of "falling stars" in this period is about 15 meteorites per hour. However, there are years when the flow reaches several hundred, and even thousands of meteorites per hour. For example, in 1922, a phenomenal result was recorded - 1800 (!) Meteorites per hour. However, scientists still have not been able to establish the regularity of the flight of meteorites in the Lyra stream, so all that remains is to hope for luck.

Natalia Kudlay
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