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In the West, no one is chasing ... and people do not go to church ...

It turns out that there is a law: the more the material and spiritual sphere of life is oppressed, the more the spiritual flourishes. It is natural. Let's take a vegetable garden: the more we weed the weeds, the better the good seed will grow. Because a person has a highly developed carnal and spiritual sphere, this interferes with spiritual life. And when everything is in a heavy clamp and poured with blood, then the spiritual life blossoms better. Therefore, the twentieth century, when spiritual and material life was squeezed, and gave the most number of saints than in the whole previous history.

Here in the West, no one drives anyone, they do not put anyone, but people do not go to church. Why? And because the material sphere is highly developed. Soulful too - it's full, please: what movies do you want to watch, what books you want to read, in any languages; wherever you want to go, listen to music any. Absolutely everything is available. And moreover, people almost do not suffer due to perfectly developed medicine. All this is good, good for the body and good for the soul, but a person lives on earth temporarily. No matter how much you receive spiritual and bodily benefits, you still have to die. You can go to Ecuador, there, they say, people live for more than a hundred years and more, there is such a village. Rich Japanese do so, they buy their own estates there, and manage their financial empires from there. They want to live longer.

Well, he lived for a hundred and fifty years, well, two hundred and eighty, but then he would die anyway. And Christ offers us another path: it is not so important how you will live in the sense of body and soul, and most importantly - as in the spiritual; and the main thing is not the number of years, but the quality of your life. That's what is important, because this life is followed by the next, eternal. Here we are only on the eve of that life, and we must quickly seek spiritual life, seek the Kingdom of Heaven, seek the Holy Spirit, seek fellowship with God. This is what the Church is actually doing, and this is what she teaches people for two thousand years. And good disciples are those who learn it; they learn this life, get acquainted with it. And to understand the spiritual life, you do not need to be some kind of intellectual. You only need to know the gospel and accept it with your heart. And when the Holy Spirit comes, He can make a person educated. If we read the Epistle of the Apostle Peter, we will see what wisdom is in him. But this is a simple fisherman. Go to the White Sea or the Baltic Sea, talk to the fishermen. What will you hear? And Peter - what a fisherman! Why does he have such wisdom? Why does such grace drip from his lips? Because he is a saint, because he became attached to God and God made him free.

A source: CypLIVE

Author: Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov

Tags: Religion, Christianity

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