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Set in the army of Cyprus, requires men and women

Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Cyprus announced the second competition for military service under the contract. This time it will be able to attend the women. For these requirements to the level of physical fitness, will not be as high as for men. Defense Ministry intends to sign contracts with 500 applicants who show the best results in the examination.

Recall that the contract army was introduced in the Republic of Cyprus in 2016, in connection with the reduction of the lifetime of the decision of the Cabinet in the National Guard from two years to 14 months. Work in the army should help to reduce the outflow of young people of Cyprus traveling abroad in search of work. Salary contract is 1127 euros per month. For the year paid 13-I salary.

How the contract system?

  • The first contract is for one year. Then it can be extended for another three years, three times. Thus, the maximum service life of the contract amount to 10 years.
  • After-service contractors will receive a one-time bonus, the amount of which will be tied to the salary and service life. Bonuses will be paid only to those who served in the army of not less than three and a half years.
  • Hours of contract - the same as that of those who are professional soldiers (from 7: 00 to 14: 00 five days a week). The contract provided for work in the evening and at night as well as during the holidays.
  • Paid leave - 20 days in the year (at least in the EU).
  • Paid sick - a maximum of 28 days. Sick leave may be extended for 14 days on the recommendation of doctors.
  • Medical care will be provided at public expense by the contractors as well as their spouses and children.
  • Free uniforms will be issued.
  • Defense organizes the delivery contract to the military camps on the buses.
  • The maximum age for the conclusion of the first contract - 32 years.

Military training:



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