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US Natsrazvedka gave Russia's actions forecast in the coming years

Over the next five years, the Russian government will continue its efforts to restore its great power status by military modernization, expansion and influence abroad "increased nationalism", according to a report of the National Intelligence US "Global trends: the paradox of progress."

"Moscow continues to believe that its safety is assured enough, so continue to progress on the directions needed to protect its national interests (as in Ukraine in 2014 year), or will seek to spread their influence further - as in Syria", - the report says .

"Such efforts have allowed President Putin to retain public support in the country, despite the difficult economic conditions and sanctions", - stated in the document, which states that the Russian leadership will also supposedly relying on the "control of information" measures.

"Moscow will also continue to use anti-Western rhetoric and nationalist ideology that calls for the imperial and moral strength of the Russian people," - believe in the US natsrazvedke.

"Kremlin's ideology, politics and power structures - and control over the economy - are supported by the elite and the masses of the people", - says the American agency, adding that this is supposedly "in spite of the repression of civil society and minorities."

Natsrazvedka US opposes the actions of Russian authorities' traditional Western liberalism. "

"From the point of view of Moscow, liberalism is synonymous with disorder and moral decay. It is considered democratic movements and electoral experiments of the West intrigues aimed are trying to weaken the traditional bastions of the order and of the Russian state ", - stated in the report.

At the peak of this, they say in the Ministry, Russia will develop relations with China, but their co-operation can prevent Beijing's refusal to recognize themselves as "younger brother" of Moscow.

Russia's foreign policy in Moscow natsrazvedke explain the disappointment of liberalism and discontent in connection with the expansion of NATO and the European Union. Russia is likely to continue to use military tactics creation of "gray areas", where intentionally blurred the concept of "war and peace", the report said.

It is assumed that the Russian policy will define the principle of revisionism. Most likely, according to a forecast, the country will strive to create a territorial buffer zone along its borders, including in the Arctic, as well as to protect the "authoritarian governments" on its periphery. These actions are expected in the US, will consolidate anti-Russian sentiment in the Baltic States and parts of Eastern Europe, which would increase the risk of conflict.

Moscow will cooperate at the international level in ways that enhance the geopolitical influence of Russia, and to encourage progress on issues of importance to the Kremlin, such as non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, the report predicts.

Despite the weakness of its economy, Russia will seek to reduce the influence of the United States and Europe for her. Moscow also try to use the conflict between northern and southern Europe, and to drive a wedge in the relations between the EU and the US, experts predict the US.

Putin's government will continue to give priority to military spending and modernization of the Armed Forces, with a focus on strategic deterrence, even in conditions of economic stagnation or recession.

Russia will continue to respond to the increase in NATO's military presence in the Baltic countries and Central Europe. Moscow will also maintain a high sensitivity to the US involvement in the policy regions, which Moscow regards as its legitimate sphere of influence.

Russian cyber operations will almost certainly be a growing threat to the West as it seeks to reduce its dependence on Western technology and improve their indirect and asymmetric warfare capabilities.

With the United States taking into account the central role in global affairs, Russia will also continue to devote resources to the efforts of the US policy of transfer in their favor.

"If Moscow's tactic does not work, its geopolitical influence can begin to fade, and Russia may face internal instability. In the long term, Moscow's ambitions may prevent low oil prices, Western sanctions, low productivity, poor demographics, chronic problems with the brain drain and the failure to diversify into high-tech sectors of the economy ", - consider in the US natsrazvedke.

However, it is approved there, these problems can lead not to reduce, but to enhance the activity of Russia in the international arena. "The population of Russia has shown resolve in the face of severe tests and is not going to abandon Putin. So far, the Kremlin continues to support the people's faith in the greatness of Russia, a large-scale (anti-government) uprising in the country is impossible ", - the report says.

Also in volume report it states that the maximum predicted the threat of armed conflict since the "Cold War" in the next five years in the world.

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