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"I hope that Russia will not allow to divide Syria": an interview with a relative of Assad

Mansour (name not mentioned for security reasons), a representative of the clan Assad and relatives of Syrian President, for several years now lives in Russia. Being aware of the Syrian conflict from inside and knowing the realities of Russia, he agreed to talk with a reporter EADaily, and convey to the reader his vision of the situation, the ways and means to resolve it. Without taking official positions, but being linked to Syrian President kinship ties, our interlocutor is not an official position, and personal opinion - and their relatives.

Before speaking directly to Syria, it makes sense to start with the more intimate areas. How is it that you are in Russia?

I went to Russia to study. Fate was such that I have previously sought to learn more about Russia, the Soviet Union, their history. It was very interesting to come and get to know these people better.

What, in your opinion, was the real cause of the civil conflict began in Syria?

We can not say that this war started just so ... In the 2014-m, in my opinion, wasKondoliza Rays, Speaking in Lebanon, hinting that in the East have to change everything. Therefore, it seems to me that America was preparing this war - but not only this. Also in Libya, and Yemen, and other countries.

How do you see the end of the conflict?

I will be very honest - no end to the conflict I do not now see. Every moment changes everything - it gets better, then, suddenly - worse. Nothing is unclear. But if the logic of events will be the same as now, Syria is divided into several parts. I really hope that this will not happen - Russia will not.

And what state the device would be for the country after the war, the most appropriate?

I believe that in a country like Syria, where many nationalities, many of the aspirations of all sorts, the legislation must be separated from religion. They do not overlap anywhere and anything. No religious courts, no interference of religion in politics. Only separate secular law and secular state. We can not appoint or not to appoint up to the presidential, based on religious grounds - Muslims, Christians ... All Syrians should be equal.

Is it possible to reconcile the Syrian Sunni majority Shiites and Alawites?

Yes, recently we all - Sunnis and Shiites, Muslims and Christians lived together. No one is touched and humiliated on religious grounds. People were friends, worked together ... So I'm sure that there is hope for peace. Of course, it's not so easy and simple, but in any case, the Syrians are unable to reconcile.

Whether President Assad is afraid of losing power if the Sunni majority vote against it for purely sectarian reasons?

If now all Sunni Syria were against the president - the president would have left a long time ago! Those who live in large cities (I emphasize, not at the periphery, not in villages) Sunnis mainly for the president. Moreover, they are fighting in the Syrian army. Believe me, that polls Sunni vote against the president - is unrealistic. I personally know many Sunnis supporting Bashar al-Assad - their children are at war with terrorists, some of his relatives were killed. Here is the answer.

It ran a lot of Christians from Syria. Will there be something done for their return? Is there any future for Christianity in the post-war Syria?

Syria fled all - and Alawites, Sunnis, and Kurds, and Armenians. But many now return. And I think that as soon as the outcome of this war, and other people will return. This is especially true of the age contingent, because young people can have time to get used to new places, and those who are older remember that they lived well in Syria. Maybe not perfect, but it is quite normal. I believe these people will return, will start to rebuild their destroyed homes, and want to live as before.

How Syria will build its relations with the West in the post-war period? It is known that almost all Western nations are set to the departure of President Assad from office ...

How many can remember, we have not really been friends with the West - both in Europe and America. Sure, whatever may be the power in Syria, we will be in good relations with Russia. If you recall the history of Syria, can be found in it, and friendship with the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation. And now, in a difficult time for us, Russia - alongside us. I do not want a war with the West, on the contrary, I hope for the world, but our friendship is possible only with Russia and the Russian people.

Where will the money be taken to rebuild the country? Do you already have any specific plans for the revival and modernization of the infrastructure?

I hope, first of all Russia will help. In addition, throughout the world there are many organizations that military conflicts are beneficial, as they invest in the reconstruction work, which ultimately will give them profits. Yet Russia is undoubtedly - the main hope.

As the relationship between Damascus and its allies will be built - Iran, Russia, and "Hezbollah"? Can they count on the "reward" of any kind of help?

Iran, Hezbollah and Russia have very much helped and helped us. We all know that Russian soldiers, Lebanese soldiers, Iranian soldiers have already died in this war, and the attitude of the Syrians to these peoples will always be grateful. We once helped Hezbollah - now it helps us. Naturally, if Russia ever needs help, Syria will not remain aloof. Also, as we will not leave Iran and Iran in trouble, we should not forget about China's support. After all, they are all at war with us. If not directly, "on the ground", then supporting us in one way or another. Well, concrete measures and decisions will be taken after the war, because only then everything will be finally understood.

Will it build adequate relations with Turkey?

I think that just about any warming of relations with Turkey out of the question. On the other hand, Turkey - our neighbor, we have a common border. Syria and the Syrian people, the world is important, and therefore, the best format would not be too close, but normal relations with its northern neighbor. Just not sent to us the next militants LIH, "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" and the like. Then everything will be fine.

What will be the position of the new Syria in world politics and economics? How do you see the state of education, science and culture of the country? What do you see as a whole in Syria after the war?

In Syria, are now many places where until recently was dominated by radicals LIH, "Dzhebhat en-Nusra" -(Both terrorist organizations banned in Russia - ed.), Different "free army" and others. Schools in these areas have been closed. A year or two or more. I know a number of places over 5 years about any studies, science, and something like that was not the question. In fact, a whole generation that school is almost should not go, and this problem will be solved very difficult. But I hope that Syria will rise to the level at which was to become, at last, a normal country - what was.

A source: EADaily

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